Tramite comunicato stampa, Drink Box Studios annuncia una serie di novità per Guacamelee 2 che includono la data di uscita della versione Switch, DLC su PS4 e info sulla versione per Xbox One.



TORONTO (November 28th, 2018) In an effort to flood gaming outlets with hard news right before the Holidays, DrinkBox Studios announced today that Guacamelee! 2 will be coming to Nintendo Switch on December 10th; that it will be releasing two DLC packs, one of them being available today AND that the Xbox One version will see the light of day in January of 2019.

Pre-sales are also going live today on the eShop. Players can get 10% off their Guacamelee! 2 pre-purchase and Guacamelee STCE Switch owners will enjoy a 30% discount.


Guacamelee! 2’s first DLC pack, Three Enemigos, is available TODAY on PlayStation 4 and Steam for $2.99 USD / €2.49 EUR. The pack will also come to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when those versions are made available.

Keep your friends close and your Enemigos even closer! This one-two-three punch character pack will let you save the Mexiverse in style. Play as El Muñeco, Uay Pek or Jaguar Javier. Each new playable character comes with unique attributes that add a fresh tactical twist to your adventure.