THQ Nordic annuncia, tramite comunicato stampa, che da oggi su Humble Bundle sono disponibili all’acquisto una serie di giochi della compagnia su PlayStation. L’offerta include una serie di giochi, sia in America che Europa, in base al bundle prescelto.



THQ Nordic is excited to announce its brand-new Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2

Available for SIEA and SIEE regions


Three ‘firsts’ for this Humble Bundle!
– For the first time, the Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 is also available for European (SIEE) regions
– For the first time, contributions will go to the European charity ‘Flüchtlingsprojekt Ute Bock’, based in Vienna, Austria
– For the first time, we wrote a press release whilst not being affected by any inebriating substance


Vienna, AUSTRIA, October 31 2018; THQ Nordic has cooperated with PlayStation and Humble Bundle to bring the (*drumroll*) Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 to

It includes THQ Nordic games exclusively for PS4 (SIEA and SIEE PSN regions) worth more than $269, and is available from now until 11am PST / 7pm GMT on November 13, 2018:

The bundle supports the Austria-based charity ‘Ute Bock refugee project’ and other charities. Ute Bock refugee project is an Austrian nonprofit organization supporting refugees, helping with covering basic needs, by providing refugees with shelter, food and education, regardless of their place of origin.

Homeless refugees and their families can find a place to stay at the Ute Bock house, or in other managed accommodation. Food is given out on a regular basis, and the Ute Bock education centre offers German, English, Mathematics and IT classes to those without access to education. Our most recent addition, ‘Büffelböcke’, provides refugee children with learning support.

With your help, we can help provide for refugees and their families and give them a chance to shape their own future