PM studios e acttil annunciano tramite comunicato stampa che VOEZ uscirà in versione fisica su Nintendo Switch durante l’Estate. Il gioco, disponibile al momento solo tramite eShop, costerà 39,99€ e conterrà tutte le 160 canzoni della controparte digitale.


Di seguito il comunicato stampa in lingua inglese e il trailer d’annuncio della versione fisica:


LOS ANGELES, CA., March 7. PM Studios and acttil are excited to announce that the critically acclaimed music rhythm game VOEZ™ for Nintendo Switch™ will hit retail store shelves this summer. Along with its standard touch-screen controls, VOEZ will feature new controls for Joycon and Dock mode, so all our VOEZ fans can enjoy every play options offered by Nintendo Switch™! This fast-paced, beautifully animated game features 160 songs, as well as many story events to unlock — so your VOEZ diary will never come to an end!


The physical version of VOEZ will be available at $39.99 and will include all updates added to the digital version currently available on Nintendo eShop (initially released by Flyhigh Works).


Key Features

  • Keep a Record! – Unlocking new entries in the Diary will reveal new story beats, locations, and artwork! Complete each requirement to fill out that Diary!
  • Master Each Level! – Three difficulty levels — Easy, Hard and Special — will satisfy music game lovers of all skill levels!
  • Gorgeous Animation! – VOEZ is not only music to your ears, but also a feast for your eyes! Enjoy its amazing animation and artwork in full HD!
  • Which Song? – With over 100 songs to choose from, the massive music selection will keep you coming back for more!