Don't Be So Serious - Speciale Death Stranding (Spoiler!)

Durante il Direct Nintendo dedicato ai titoli indie in uscita nei prossimi mesi su Nintendo Switch e 3DS, Choice Provisions ha annunciato l’arrivo come esclusiva console su Switch di Runner3, seguito della famosa serie endless runner di Bit.Trip.

Runner 3 sarà rilasciato nel corso dell’anno.


Vi lasciamo alla visione del trailer di lancio e al comunicato originale rilasciato proprio in queste ore.



Choice Provisions is excited to announce that Runner3—the latest entry in the BIT.TRIP series—will be arriving later this year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Runner3 follows the continuing adventures of CommanderVideo and all his creepy friends. Their arch-rival, the Timbletot, is determined as ever to rid the multiverse of all its love and happiness. CommanderVideo, a lover if ever there were one, refuses to let this happen. He’s ready to jump, double-jump, wall-jump, slide-jump, underwear-jump, slide, kick, float, fly, and dance his way to victory, all across a medley of thrilling, challenging, and joyous levels!

The rhythm-music gameplay established in BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2 remains firmly intact, but players can still expect a variety of new additions to the series, including: 

  • Branching paths!
  • Item shops!
  • Hero quests!
  • Vehicles!
  • New gameplay modes!
  • New retro challenges!
  • New playable characters!
  • New character moves!
  • New dance moves!

In addition, Runner3 will take advantage of some of the more unique features of the Nintendo Switch, which we’ll be talking about more in the near future. Stay tuned! 

Runner3 arriverà nel corso dell’anno su Nintendo Switch. Continuate a seguirci per non perdervi nessun’aggiornamento sul gioco.