Barbara Canton

News Steins;Gate 0, rivelata l’Amadeus Edition

Rice Digital annuncia, tramite comunicato stampa, la nuova Amadeus Edition per Steins;Gate 0, in arrivo su PlayStation 4 e PlayStation Vita.

Unveiling the Gorgeous Steins;Gate 0 Amadeus Edition



RICE DIGITAL, Bristol (19 August 2016) –  STEINS;GATE 0 is the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita sequel to the critically acclaimed STEINS;GATE, the ground breaking science fiction visual novel that took the west by storm last year. The original STEINS;GATE invigorated the visual novel genre in the west and is considered to be one of the greatest visual novels ever made. STEINS;GATE 0 launches in 2016 in both Europe and North America.



STEINS;GATE 0 features an all new adventure in alternative world line, where Okabe and the Future Gadget Lab members have to team up with a bright young scientist who has an interesting new AI project (codename Amadeus) and become entangled in a new scheme!



To celebrate the release of this fantastic visual novel we have put together a great Collector’s Edition – the Amadeus Edition!




STEINS;GATE 0 Collector’s Edition:



  • Standard Edition of STEINS;GATE 0
  • STEINS;GATE 0 The Selected Works Soundtrack Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition
  • STEINS;GATE 0 Premium Artbook
  • Amadeus Pin Badge Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition
  • Fairy Upa Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition
  • High quality presentation box Exclusive to the Amadeus Edition



The Amadeus Edition is already available to pre-order in our store here:





The return of STEINS;GATE is upon us and we can hardly wait! STEINS;GATE was one of our favourite experiences of recent times and STEINS;GATE 0 is set to continue the high standards of storytelling and top notch production values of the original. If you’ve ever thought of trying out the Visual Novel genre, this is the perfect entry point!



STEINS;GATE 0 will make Future Gadget Lab members of us all later in 2016 on PS4 and PSVita.