Ep. 36: Ma ce li ricordiamo gli anni ’90?

Nintendo ha pubblicato una lista di lavori sul suo sito, compresi nell’arco di competenza di un “IP Art Asset Specialist”, oltre ad altri lavori relativi ad artwork da utilizzare come materiale per film.



Qui sotto la lista completa pubblicata:



  • An individual contributor that supports the Director of Intellectual Property (IP) Management in evaluating various artwork and submissions for products and promotional materials using Nintendo game characters and franchises such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Splatoon.
  • Evaluate artwork submissions to ensure the usage and design of Nintendo characters and/or other IP used within the overall design are in compliance with the Nintendo Style Guidelines. The artwork may be stand-alone items or Nintendo characters or IP incorporated into merchandise, including toys, figures and clothing; promotional materials for events including objects and full-body suits; and character proposals and artwork for use in movies and external websites.
  • Create reports and provide feedback and instructions to submitters and licensees on how to appropriately modify drawings and other submissions to meet compliance standards under the guidance of the Director of IP Management.
  • Create reference materials and documentation of game characters for licensees including 3D character posing, multi-view drawing, and color coordination.
  • Work directly with Director of IP Management and as needed the Nintendo Japan Licensing team to maintain Nintendo’s high standard of artwork quality and protect Nintendo IP and character images.



Sembrerebbe che Nintendo stia puntando sul mercato cinematografico e che, probabilmente, otterrà qualcosa di concreto a distanza di qualche anno di lavoro.



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