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Barbara Canton

News Umbrella Corps: disponibile video di gameplay

Capcom ha rilasciato, tramite comunicato stampa, un nuovo video di gameplay relativo a Umbrella Corps, annunciato a settembre per PC e PS4.



A new gameplay video showcasing the fast-paced close quarters combat from UMBRELLA CORPS is now available. Two squads from the development team in Capcom Japan duke it out in
heated 3 vs. 3 competitive team battles in the third-person shooter’s One Life Match Mode. In this mode, players must defeat the opposing team in a fast and furious 3-minute time limit without any option to re-spawn.

Voice-over commentary from the team provides insight on some of the tactics used by the experts and spotlights the exclusive features specific to _UMBRELLA CORPS. _Whether it’s aggressive firing, finding new paths by lifting shutter doors, utilizing the analog cover system, flanking the enemy in careful coordination, or carefully plotted sneak attacks from behind, each adrenaline-fueled match offers quick and satisfying competitive gameplay.


The video also shows off the non-traditional arsenal of weapons in UMBRELLA CORPS that offer an exciting twist on the traditional gun and grenade loadout. The deadly “Brainer” melee axe can be charged up and used as a one-hit kill attack and the “Zombie Jammer” adds an extra variable to the mix. When this is intact, zombies will not attack, but if it’s damaged either by a calculated or errant shot, that player will become instant zombie fodder.