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il 10 settembre 2015, 17:00
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Daedalic Entertainment ha annunciato, tramite comunicato stampa, la disponibilità di Deponia su iPad, maggiori dettagli nel comunicato riportato di seguito:





HAMBURG, SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2015 | Daedalic Entertainment, a leading developer and publisher of interactive games with a focus on storytelling, have today released their award-winning point-and-click adventure DEPONIA — exclusively for the iPad.


This exciting comedy of errors, featuring the hilarious love story of Goal and Rufus and providing more than ten hours of gameplay is now available in the App Store for € 9,99.

Direct link:

Watch the trailer for a first impression:
Deponia is the story of Rufus, an eccentric tinkerer living on the trash planet Deponia. He has a dream: leaving the piles of junk behind and starting a new life in the floating city of Elysium. When suddenly Goal, a stunningly beautiful woman, lands right on a nearby heap of trash, Rufus seizes the day and decides to bring her back to her home.
An exciting chase and comedy of errors begins, because Goal’s fiancé Cletus, who bears a striking resemblance with our protagonist, also wants to get his beloved back.


It’s a story full of unexpected twists and turns in the spirit of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Matt Groening, sending players t many fascinating locations of the trash planet, like the junk-town Kuvaq, the Floating Black Market, and the darkest corners of the planetary railway system.

Key Features
• A cornerstone of the adventure genre and the beginning of the
award-winning Deponia-Series, now exclusively available for iPad
• More than 20 likeable characters and despicable villains
• More than 10 hours of enjoyable playtime
• More than 40 different locations with hand-drawn backgrounds and
highly detailed animations
• A rebellious soundtrack you just can’t get out of your head

This classic point-and-click adventure is now available, exclusively for the iPad, in the App Store for € 9,99


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