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Corecell Technology annuncia, tramite comunicato stampa, che Crazy Strike Bowling EX è attualmente in sviluppo su PlayStation 4.

Crazy Strike Bowling EX

Upgrade to UE4 and coming to PS4


We are happy to announce our new title “Crazy Strike Bowling EX”.


It is the upgraded version of Crazy Strike Bowling from Playstation 3 which we used Phyre Engine for developing it.


During that time, It was very limited tool set to develop the game for PS3 and we have very limited choice due to the budget constrain.
As ,Unreal Engine 4 is free now, it is our chance to make the director’s cut version of our Crazy Strike Bowling. Not only the better rendering , but also , this time we make the game for Dual Shock 4 too.


It means that players can now play with both Dual Shock 4 and Playstation Move.


If you want to know progress of our development , please feel free to like our facebook fan page.

CSB-EX-Ann-PS4_001 CSB-EX-Ann-PS4_002